Saturday, January 31, 2015

6 x , collage of harry worth.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

New York 2013

Looking in or looking out ?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shooting up a storm in NZ

The photography is still pumping out though being a little to busy to post it up .
Check out cocktail corner 95bfm NZ for many of the latest cocktail shots.
To Be posted in a new folder soon ...............start salivating

Saturday, April 24, 2010



 Green barbies Mexico city Barbie doll exhibition @ Mujam, these where fake barbies 
I am a international photographer originally from New Zealand and now based in Mexico city . I specialize in food and cocktail photography and also in images that capture atmospheres and meaning .It is my aim in all my contracts to add value to that which I photograph, to bring the essence out of the subject either in the studio or with dramatic natural light.

I am open to all variety of photographic contracts food and menu design and my prices are very reasonable. Feel free to contact me directly 044 5542479185 or by email

Soy fotógrafo internacional, de Nueva Zelanda, ahora basado en la Ciudad de México. Me especializo en fotografía de comida y cocteleria, también en las imágenes que capturan las atmósferas y su significado. Mi objetivo en los contraltos es agregar valor a las imagenes,, descubriendo su escencia a traves de la luz natural y sus ambientes
Estoy abierto a toda la variedad de proyectos fotográficos platillos y el diseño de menú . Mis precios son muy accesibles. Me puedes contactar directamente 044 5542479185 o por el email Mi espanol no es muy bueno, similar Tarzan ja ja ja.


Atmosphere creation in the process
Creaciὀn atmosférica en el proceso.

Photographs of people caught in the moment with an approach used to enhance their meaning.
Fotografías de gente capturadas en un momento, tratando de acercarme a su significado

Cocktails shot in a variety of ways with and without backgrounds in studio and in natural light, Cocktails of Laura Lopez Lopez.
Diferentes opciones de cocteleria, diseńada por Laura Lὀpez Lὀpez

Food shot in a Variety of ways from the upcoming cookbook “Around the World in Eighty Menus” looking for publishing late 2010
Diferentes propuestas de platillos que formaran parte de mi libro “Around the Word in Eighty Menus”. Buscando quien lo publique en este 2010.

Photos can be seen on these sites 

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Capturing the moment ........

Before the drip of water hits and sends its rings across the surface, after it is released from the overhanging branch that whips back once it’s burden is free, a moment is caught. Time stands still as a realization. The synapse chimes its electrical connection. At that moment what is being watched becomes much more than beauty. It is a millisecond of time the eye, the body, and the trees with all the lakes in the world and the drops that fall into them stop to celebrate that there is beauty, and there is love, and that capturing the later when it is established is all that matters.

        Shot like many of my images in the magic hour , just before sunset.

Captura del momento
Antes de que caiga la gota de agua y envíe sus anillos por la superficie tras haberse liberado de la prominente rama que se sacude como látigo al liberar su carga, se captura un instante. El tiempo está quieto, como una obra realizada. La sinapsis repica su eléctrica conexión. En ese momento lo que se observa se vuelve mucho más que belleza. Es un milisegundo del tiempo en que el ojo, el cuerpo, y los árboles con todos los lagos del mundo y las gotas que caen en ellos se detienen para celebrar que exista belleza, y que exista amor, y que capturarlo cuando se consigue es todo lo que importa.
Could be Jesus , could be an old man walking down the street in mexico city going to a better place.
Sometimes two photos are better than one. 


Cocktail designs by Laura Lopez Lopez

Steaz, Elixar of life

E Gourmets latest offering , cocktail Laura Lopez Lopez

Food Photography


The limit in food photography is the limit of your imagination . I am sure Peter Pan would agree.

I believe that a photograph should do more than just show the food but add to it by creating an atmosphere around it through lighting reflection or background . The times of just showing food for what it is are far behind us . I aim to add value through the photographic design process making good food heavenly in appeal exciting in its dynamic of course it helps if the food looks good in the first place.

The elegant rustic Renaissance apporach.

 Truffle enhanced horseradish purple potatoes with salmon caviar swordfish 
cheve're stuffed tomato rosemary and broccolini.